INTERESTING TIMES (Segue of the Day: 11/28/16)

“It is not so long ago that a member of the Diplomatic Body in London, who had spent some years of his service in China, told me that there was a Chinese curse which took the form of saying, ‘May you live in interesting times.’ There is no doubt that the curse has fallen on us.”

(Austen Chamberlain, annual meeting of the Birmingham Unionist Association, March, 1936…Yes, he was Neville’s brother. No, there is no evidence that the curse he mentioned is, or ever was, Chinese. Yes, there was and is plenty of evidence that it is still the most “interesting” of all curses, sourced or unsourced. The source here is the great site, which must be as trustworthy as any other “source” just now.)

So…today. My usual drive to the grocery store. And, on the way home, my usual button-pushing scan of the meager local radio offerings, stopped by this….which always stops everything.

I thought that was a pretty good comment on the times…his and ours.

Then this came on….

…and made me wonder if Hendrix would have been able to commodify himself anywhere near as smoothly (some might say slickly) had he lived. Of course, we want to say “nay.” But then it didn’t seem all that likely Steve Miller could–or would–thus transform himself when he was living through Jim Hendrix’s interesting times. I like seventies’ era Steve Miller, but it did set the mind to both wandering and wondering.

Then this came on…

And I was about to let my mind wander a little further into contemplating to what mystifying extent Donald Trump has now blasted away whatever hapless shards remained of either the culture or the counterculture, when the London Bach Choir broke with tradition and sang:

You can’t always get what you want
And if you lie sometimes, you’ll  find, you get what you need.

If I’m being honest, it was the “and” that grabbed hold.

Without that, I would have just assumed I misheard the “lie” bit. it was as if whatever mind control system has been put in operation during this “elect” phase was already smart enough to know the only way the mind could receive the second substitute was to make sure the first substitute was not a word one could mistake for another.

A lot of ears could hear “lie” for “try.”

No ear hears “and” for “but.”

No ear, having heard the first substitute, as meaningless as it was obvious, would ever believe it was mistaken about the subtle, telling second.

Of course, I rushed to the computer as soon as I got home and pulled up this version on YouTube, and, of course, since it (and all other versions presently available anywhere that you or I could ever access, including the version that played Donald Trump off the stage at every single one his rallies in the pre-“elect” phase) were recorded some time before the election, so what you still hear–for now–is “But if you try sometimes, you’ll find, you get what you need.”

I know I”m supposed to be welcoming everyone to my world–paranoid, isolated, bemused–but even I’m impressed with the speed with which the new paradigm is taking shape.

Let me therefore put my predictions for 2020 on the record now, before the snow-static starts interfering with the clarity of my delicate Paranoia Blues Antenna’s reception.

Dow: 32,000
National Debt: 42 trillion.
Electoral College: Trump/Pence 535–Gates/ Cuban 3 (They’ll hold D.C….barely)

For what it’s worth, the Big Illuminati do not yet have full control. If they did, I know what I would have heard next–on the radio, not just in my head–instead of Journey and Supertramp.

Go ahead. Smile if you dare.

SEGUE OF THE DAY (7/19/12)

Supertramp/Sports Talk/Supertramp

Driving along, trying to come down from having “Lawyers, Guns and Money,” actually piped in over the airwaves just a moment before (complete with “the shit has hit the fan”…believe me, leaving in the blue language may no longer be shocking, but hearing “How was I to know she was with the Russians too?” actually be part of a radio format is not something I have gotten used to).

Anyway, nothing can follow that, so…

Push, push, push. You know, the usual routine.

Finally I land on Supertramp doing “Take the Long Way Home.”

Now, I have no strong feelings about Supertramp doing anything.

Come to think of it, I don’t recall anyone ever having any strong feelings about Supertramp except a couple of hippie cooks I worked with at a summer camp in 1979, who, among other amusing habits, used to occasionally stop in the middle of whatever they were doing–often following a set-to with the kindly old ramrod who ran the place–and trade verses of “Bloody Well Right.” (I kinda, sorta’ also think there’s a Playmate of the Month Data Sheet submerged in the memory hole somewhere that has Supertramp listed as some Miss April’s favorite band, but I could have them confused with Head East and Miss April confused with a groupie memoir…let’s just stick with the hippie cooks.)

For just a moment though, I decide that the absence of strong feelings is probably what I need just now and I pause to linger….

“Take the long way–”

Okay, enough of that.


“…And our next caller has a point he wants to make about the Seahawks.”


Hey, I’ve just acquired a bone bruise avoiding NFL talk in July (and not just any NFL talk but Seattle Seahawk talk–The only comfort I can derive from this is the knowledge certain that one of my longer standing pet theories is now proved beyond any shadow of a doubt: America has been judged by the Almighty and will win no more wars.)

“….long way home.”

Thank God for Supertramp!

After that, they rolled out songs I had no strong feelings about by Queen, Steely Dan, John Mellencamp, America, Journey.

I wasn’t even tempted to touch any more buttons until I got where I was going.