THE LOST SOUL REAPPEARS….ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Found in the Connection: Rattling Loose End #155)

I last kept track of Miley Cyrus here…Nothing’s changed. She’s the fakest faker in the history of fakery. The wild child act was/is no more real than the Hannah Montana girl next door or the pansexuality or the weeping on camera when Hilary lost. Which is why, on the rare occasions where she does reveal herself she’s the only modern singer who can still deliver a shock–something like what rock ‘n’ roll once delivered by the hour.

The latest is her performance of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” on Saturday Night Live, the fakest fake show in the history of fakery. It already has two million hits on YouTube, which exists to promote and preserve such things. I recommend closing your eyes. The visual part is pure distraction, the hedging of the bet right down to the social distancing between her and the guitarist. It’s the voice that’s real…and the unwillingness (or is it inability?) to use it this way more than once every few years that’s the tragedy: