The time to hesitate is through…

A while back (two months? three? the memory hazes), Neal Umphred, world class record collecting expert, proprietor of several fine blogs of his own (you can access his invaluableĀ Elvis: A Touch of GoldĀ  through my highly selective blogroll at the right, or find his others with a Google search of his name) and frequent commenter on this one, approached me about joining him and novelist Lew Shiner in a venture on the on-line forum Medium where we would write about the music of 1955-1975 with a special emphasis on the 60’s.

I knew the pace would probably kill me…but it wasn’t a chance I could pass up.

Neal’s intro is up and you can find it here.

As he mentions, we will be kicking things off (very shortly) with a year-by-year look at the #1 records from 1960 through 1969. There will be another intro and then a teaser. Then on to 1960 (which I believe will behind a paywall…I’ll post more when the time comes but my own experience is that Medium charges 5$ a month for unlimited access. I plan to post a column a week, in addition to various joint venture Neal is dreaming up for us!)

This is a business model that pays its writers. How much depends on how many readers/subscribers we attract. Nobody knows better than me how tight time and money are in our Modern Paradise, but please consider bookmarking us and, if at all possible, subscribing. It’s still a somewhat fluid process, so I’ll be providing updates as I know more.

And just a final shout-out to Neal who has done all the heavy lifting on this project and is now officially the hardest working man on the internet. Here’s to you brother. Everything I really needed to know, I learned from Rock and Roll, even if our five o’clock world is more likely to be experienced in the a.m.: