PATTY PLAYS GOD, STONES PLAY THE DEVIL (Segue of the Day: 7/11/15)

I have a hobby of sorts that involves throwing Patty Loveless up against whatever. She tends to go especially well with the seventies-era Stones on long drives or errand weeks that involve a lot of sitting at stop-lights. I try not to speculate too deeply about why this might be but I suspect it has something to do with sharing a pitiless quality which takes very different roads to reach a similar place.

This week, though, I had a first, because I had previously never chanced to sequence my favorite Patty album (1991’s Up Against My Heart) next to my favorite Stones’ album (Sticky Fingers, released in 1971, but recorded in sessions reaching back to late 1969), which meant I never happened to run her greatest don’t-come-around-here-no-more vocal into their greatest let’s-see-what-the-revolution’s-really-worth stomp in the “counterculture’s” collective face.

In other words, the two black holes had never previously met.

They’ve met now. Last cut, first cut. God knows when I’ll be able to get the results out of my head. They keep playing in an endless loop: