DIAMONDS IN THE SHADE (Addrisi Brothers Up)

“We’ve Got To Get It On Again”
The Addrisi Brothers (1972)
Billboard: #25
Recommended source: Have a Nice Day: Volume 8

The Addrisi Brothers, Dick and Don, started out imitating the Everly Brothers in the fifties (well, after they failed an audition for the Mouseketeers anyway) and, thanks mostly to their songwriting abilities (the big one was “Never My Love”), hung on through disco. Don passed away from pancreatic cancer in the eighties.

They had one great record on their own and it was one of their periodic rides up the charts though nowhere near as big as it should have been. You could still hear it now and again on Oldies and AC formats in the late seventies where I first encountered it. In all but a few places, it has long since vanished from the radio.

Too bad, because “We’ve Got To Get It On Again” has a unique vibe. Evidently the brothers worked best when writing from personal experience. “Never My Love” had grown out of a conversation Don had with his fiancee. “We’ve Got To Get It On Again”–distinctively brooding and intimate for all its pop sheen–was originally slated as a B-side. Some DJ in Boston turned the record over and the phones lit up. Pretty soon it was the A-side. Dick came home one day shortly thereafter and his wife said “You’re on the radio.” He thought great. Assumed it was the A-side.

“No,” she said. “The other one.”

The other one?

“You really should have told me first,” she said, “before you put it out there for millions of people.”

Honey, it was a B-side

Coincidence or not, these days, Dick lives in Argentina. Pretty sure he lives there without that particular wife.

His best record lives on in the shadows.