ARLO AND ELVIS (Found in the Connection: Rattling Loose End #140)

Not including the many gospel shows I attended growing up or the one local indie rock gig I caught some years back, I’ve been to exactly three concerts in my life. The first was the Elvin Bishop Band when they played the Orlando-Seminole Jai Alai fronton in the summer of ’76 (I got in free, was almost kicked out, marijuana smoke everywhere and a disco ball that spun and glittered when they finally got to “Fooled Around and Fell in Love”–long story). The second was the post-Lionel Richie Commodores in 1985 (“Night Shift,” girls from work, a cute sister who backed out at the last minute–long story).

I enjoyed myself immensely at both concerts, but by far the best was the third, which was Arlo Guthrie at the local college (FSU) in 2006. Just me and a friend and a full auditorium….and Arlo mixing music and stories like nobody else (many mix music and stories, few are so skilled at stopping in the middle of one to pursue the other at moments that are both completely unpredictable and utterly logical).

But he didn’t do this one. Too bad. I’m sure every one of us (including the unreconstructed hippie who counted what had to be the greatest version of “Coming Into Los Angeles” ever committed to the air as “the one thing I needed to hear”) could have sung along:


I don’t want to make a habit of this. I prefer to generate my own ideas/content. But the more I thought about this, the more the challenge/absurdity made me smile….So, again from one of those memes that’s going around…(tried to link live versions where available.)

The 30 Day Song Challenge…(I think the idea is to name the first song you love that comes to mind. Anyway that’s the spirit I’m taking.)


Tomorrow night, or maybe the morning after, half the electorate will feel we’ve been saved from Hitler/Lucifer. The other half will believe we’ve elected Hitler/Lucifer. Either way, Delusion’s reign will be secure. We won’t have elected Lucifer. But that will be him you feel turning round. And he’ll be smiling.

The soundtrack in my head will play on regardless. So, for those who don’t want to just stick to War and Creedence as they begin waking up from history in the days/months/years to come, welcome to my world. (As before, the soundtrack is programmed like a K-TEL Special…as before, I promise the content and programming make for a greater mix-disc than K-TEL ever managed.):


Track 1: Laura Nyro “Eli’s Coming”

Track 2: The Miracles “I Gotta Dance to Keep From Crying”

Track 3: Arlo Guthrie “Lightning Bar Blues”

Track 4: The English Beat “Save It For Later”

Track 5: The Pretenders “Middle of the Road”

Track 6: The 5th Dimension “Another Day, Another Heartache”

Track 7: The Go-Go’s “Foget That Day”


Track 8: The Clash “Gates of the West”

Track 9: Rosanne Cash “This Is the Way We Make a Broken Heart”

Track 10: The Youngbloods “Darkness, Darkness”

Track 11: Bob Dylan “Shelter From the Storm” (live)

Track 12: Phil Ochs “When I’m Gone”

Track 13: Jimmy Cliff “Trapped”

Track 14: The Undisputed Truth “Smiling Faces”

Track 15: Al Green “Hanging On”

[NOTE: I had to sit through about twelve Marco Rubio commercials in order to check all these out. Much more of this and I’m going to find a way to start charging.]