TO THE REPUBLIC (Late Night Dedication: 2/17/19)

Now that even the “mainstream” (i.e., elite-approved) media is acknowledging (albeit with a wink and a nod) the coup attempt carried out against Donald Trump by his own FBI and DOJ (after Obama’s FBI and DOJ failed to prevent him from winning the 2016 election despite using every trick in their book except assassination), we have the answer to whether or not such public knowledge (and it’s  now very public, heck it even made 60 Minutes, followed immediately by the usual nondenial denial) would cause anyone to turn a hair.

And the answer is . . .


No surprise.

Just another day in the life of the former United States of America, a place I remember well enough to lament its passing:

IT ALL COMES ROUND AGAIN….(Segue of the Day: 10/17/18)

Two articles–one about the past (the 1968 we never walked away from), one about the present (the result of never walking away from 1968), that came to my attention in the last few days.

In case this one ends up behind a paywall, here’s a key quote, which nails a point I’ve been trying to make for a year-and-a-half:

Today, in a major historical irony, the dream of impeaching Trump has driven much of the Democratic Party into an uncritical embrace of the FBI and the CIA. The institutions that have conducted illegal surveillance of American citizens for decades have been suddenly transmuted into monuments of integrity.

(“Aquarius Rising,” Jackson Lears New York Review of Books 10/16/18)

Here’s the second article, which details the current crisis of our “monuments of integrity” with more clarity and complexity than I’ve seen elsewhere (and still only hints at the sea of corruption those monuments must be sunk in to have  made Donald Trump look like George Washington).

It’s not behind a pay wall, but it’s lengthy.  For those who don’t have time or inclination to read the whole thing, the key quote is here:

Initially not viewed with any real seriousness, Trump’s campaign was seen as an opportunistic wedge in the election process. At the same time, and particularly as the viability of his candidacy increased, Trump was seen as an existential threat to the established political system.

If you do choose to read the whole thing, just remember that this article contains about half the names you need to know in order to even have a chance of keeping up with what’s really gone down since the latter part of 2015.

As often happens in “advanced” societies the best chance our agents of corruption have of saving themselves lies in the sheer scope of their disdain for the laws they were supposed to uphold. When everybody breaks the law, nobody breaks the law. To bring them all to justice would literally mean tearing the system apart.

Look for an Ollie North/Scooter Libby-style scapegoat to emerge….(and, as in their cases, eventual rehabilitation–best bet at present is Andrew McCabe, but the odds bear watching).

Or you could just take the long view:

[NOTE: Thanks to Neal U. for alerting me to Lears’ article. Please read it in full if you can. I don’t agree with all of the author’s conclusions (do I ever?), but his article is rare in addressing the Christian roots of American protest (and, unfortunately, all too common in failing to recognize how pulling away from those roots has made all subsequent progress a matter of executive order and judicial fiat, rather than popular will expressed through representative legislation. As the future rises to meet us, rest assured every one of the religious leaders Lears cites–including the slain one–knew the danger of building your house on sand.)]