SEGUE OF THE DAY (7/20/12)

Jessica Gwahi/Bill Withers

You can get flippant about these things.

Another month, another massacre.

“Hey, glad it wasn’t my theater the psychotic gunman walked into last night.” Hahahahaha. Graveyard humor. (And, yeah, I’m as guilty as anyone…please, keep this away from me!)

On the sports talk station (sorry, I often can’t tell the Fox guys from the ESPN guys, which I think is probably by someone’s design), they’re taking this seriously for the moment (give it a month, it will be a punchline…prison rape and mass murder are the two funniest things most of these guys do).

As nearly everyone knows by now, Gwahi survived last month’s massacre in Toronto only to be gunned down in Colorado’s latest version last night. She was an aspiring sports journalist, so Sports Talk had an angle–one must never forget to find the selling point after all, especially in the immediate aftermath of the “event,” and, really, even I can’t help admitting this one was better than usual. (“Wait…She’s the one they’re already talking about…and she’s one of ours!…Get on it. Get on it right away!”)

And the young man the “angle” turned up–who had been Gwahi’s colleague at a previous stop in Texas–actually did a fine, understated job of conveying her sensibility, which seems to have been an especially enthusiastic model of that old-fashioned, can-do American optimism which it’s nowadays so easy to forget even still exists.

When he left the air, though, the host-talk soon meandered into the usual meaningless babble.

So I went Pus-s-s-h….and ran straight into Bill Withers singing the very line, “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.”


I mean, this was followed by “Psychotic Reaction,” and “Commotion”–sometimes you wonder if the computers really do know things they shouldn’t being that they are still supposedly under our control and all–but those great, appropriate records seemed, well, merely appropriate.

Which is to say they stung–and they spoke to the moment a whole lot more clearly than anything happening on CNN.

But they didn’t kick a hole in me.