TO LIBERAL DEMOCRACY, R.I.P. (Late Night Dedication)

I’ve given periodic nods to the present air here. Doomy, I know. Probably not pleasant reading. But it’s pervasive enough it can’t be entirely ignored.

We’re fast approaching a day when it won’t be possible to ignore it at all. When everyone who refuses to choose between the remaining viable evils, or at least clap for each temporarily presiding result in turn, will be strung up anyway. The fate of the Empire is at stake! The last burning question is whether we’ll proceed directly to Tyranny….or pass through an Age of Chaos first?

The only thing that has kept the American nation from real, frightening levels of fragmentation and public violence the past few years has been the slight uncertainty as to whether the Feudalist-minded Confederate Right (which calls itself anything but) would organize and take to the street in numbers and intensity similar to the Marxist-minded Communist Left (which calls itself anything but).

Tonight in Charlottesville, Virginia we can observe a large step in the direction of an answer. Complete with Hitler salutes.

Sorry, but anyone who believes we ever walked away from 1968…or 1861….that the years of relative peace lying in between have been anything but periods of gestation (which we’ve given the Nervous Nelly name of Progress) for the coming collapse, is delusional. I don’t know if the first big outbreak in the new war taking shape will come in a month, a year or a generation. I don’ t know if it’s still 1850 or the new John Brown will strike a match that burns and burns this very weekend. I’m selfish enough to hope it’s the former–that I won’t live to see what’s coming. That, in the words of the Prophet Ronnie Van Zant, it’ll be “Lord take me and mine before that comes.”

Because it’s coming soon enough. An epitaph a stone’s throw from this weekend’s “rally” reads:

Here was buried
Thomas Jefferson
Author of the Declaration of American Independence
of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom
& Father of the University of Virginia

The first two achievements have been under siege for decades, if not since the beginning. Last night, his university joined them. Literally.

Those of us who supported his Dreams of Possibility have been left with only the most pitiful tools to fight back. Hopes of a meaningful appeal to the government vanished long ago. Put whatever date on that you want. (Don’t like or 1963, or 1968? Prefer 1980? Whatever.) The result is the same.

What are you gonna do? What am I gonna do?

Tweet about it?

Light a torch and rumble?

Call out the riot police?

You know, the same ones who are now paid by the very people who fund the thugs in the street on both sides?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Tweet away.

So take it Dobie. Better yet, take me.

Sing that greatest record ever made by a black man in Nashville one more time. Make everybody cry.

(Well, at least I got to put Ronnie Van Zant, Dobie Gray and Thomas Jefferson in the same tag list. After the revolution, maybe that, at least, won’t be ┬ánothing…even if every one of them is turning in his grave tonight.)

6 thoughts on “TO LIBERAL DEMOCRACY, R.I.P. (Late Night Dedication)

  1. Having my head lost in Elvis world because it is that time of year, I thought the photo was of the candlelight vigil. Whiplash. Then, I realized a connection. For the first time, EPE is charging a fee for the fans to enter the grounds and pay their respects. The official reason given is for security and crowd control. Some fans blame the Black Lives Matter protests during EW last year. Others say the $28.75 fee is simply corporate greed. Whatever the reason, comments on Facebook reveal an anger among the fans and different sorts of anger among native Memphians.

    Impressive work on the tag list. I think I will Drift Away again.

    • Wow. I hadn’t heard about that.. I suspect it’s a case of the first reason being used as a cover for the second—but I don believe the days of large crowds of free, diverse people mixing freely are coming to an end. Lester Bangs’ prescient last words (“I won’t bother saying goodbye to his corpse, I’ll just say goodbye to you.”) are truer by the year.

      But let’s hope we always have Dobie!

  2. There will always be morons. We can’t let them get us down. Besides, when they reveal themselves so overtly, they’re safer than those who effect subtle, insidious bigotry, which is more dangerous and has more impact.

    The Internet especially has allowed those with narrow-sliver universes, psychoses and mental disorders to find each other and plan things, and in their numbers, they give the illusion of normalization. Don’t be fooled. Rejoice. We will see the end of pigment-based bigotry in our lifetimes.

    There will, however, always be morons. We can’t let them get us down. (Second verse, same as the first.)

    • If it happens as you say, I will gladly sing a round of Mr. You’re a Better Man Than I in your honor.

      The people in the streets may or may not be morons. The people behind them are not. I am not hopeful….but I shall press on regardless!…At least through Elvis Week.

      • No better man in this neck of the woods, brother……just a bull-headed refusal to let any kind of terrorist, even a metaphorical one, hold my outlook hostage. If I’m mistaken, I want to be mistaken on my own terms!

        I admit I don’t like how the bigots have shanghaied the political term “Right” for their latest playpen games. I wonder how many of them know that it was actually Republicans who vied for an end to slavery.

        • Oh, they know. They make the point constantly. Also that the KKK was founded by Democrats.

          We live in interesting times, though. Last election the most liberal person I know voted for Trump and the most conservative person I know voted for Clinton….And I’m not sure either of them was wrong. I’m just watching and waiting, hoping to have a better understanding.

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