SIGNS OF THE….END TIMES? (Segue of the Day: 1/2/17)

A friend of mine sent me a link to this Rolling Stone story, which is worth reading in its entirety. Let us hope Matt Taibbi is not soon resting with Michael Hastings. 

This is a pretty brave piece, but one not-very-brave line stood out:

“The idea that it’s OK to publish an allegation when you yourself are not confident in what your source is saying is a major departure from what was previously thought to be the norm in a paper like the Post.”

My immediate response was “Who thought this? I want their names!”

It could be I’ve just been conditioned by thirty-five years of what my friends like to call paranoia and what I, watching them recede ever further into their cocoons, like to call reality.

You know, as in: It’s not paranoia just because the rest of ya’ll are too damn stupid to know they’re out to get you too.

Or it could be I was just extra-sensitive because I had been listening to a little Creedence over the New Year’s break….because that’s always good for some perspective on a bright, sunny new year. And what I thought when I played this one particular video (part of a small DVD package that comes with the Creedence Singles‘ collection), was that  I had not only missed the significance of John Fogerty’s ability to measure up to Marvin Gaye’s finest paranoid hour, but the significance of his band being able to measure up to the Funk Brothers’ finest hour of any sort period.

Which then further made me consider, to a degree I hadn’t before, that I never really missed what the Beatles left undone because I never thought they left anything undone. But if I could turn back time and change a few things, having Creedence stay together, and somehow always be as they were here, would be high on my must-do list.

It also made me consider that, if Van Morrison really was the most important white blues singer between Elvis and Ronnie Van Zant, then it was really saying something, because the competition was even fiercer than I thought.


4 thoughts on “SIGNS OF THE….END TIMES? (Segue of the Day: 1/2/17)

  1. NDJ

    I wouldn’t trade CCR’s “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” for everything ever recorded by every member of the group since their break-up—and it’s not even close to being my faveravest CCR track …


    • Yeah, truly a band in the sense that they needed each other for the magic to break out. And “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” wasn’t close to my faveravest either….until yesterday. Seeing it finally made me hear it.

  2. I love clips like this.

    Seeing anything from groups like CCR, the Band, or Three Dog Night, back during the days when they looked happy to be in the same room with each other, makes all acrimony after the sun had set completely meaningless to a fan like me.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I always look at something like this and wonder how it could ever have ended so badly? (And why is it that fame is the real pressure cooker? Mysteries of the Universe I guess.)

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