Billy Wilder once told an interviewer that, of all the people he had known in Hollywood (which was practically everyone), the two people he was asked most about, by far, were Marilyn Monroe and Raymond Chandler.

Marilyn needs no explanation.

Why Raymond Chandler?

Maybe because he was forever saying things like this:

The FBI is a bunch of overpublicized characters, Hoover himself being a first rate publicity hound. All secret police forces come to the same end. I’ll bet the s.o.b. has a dossier on everybody who could do him damage. The FBI throws up such a smoke screen that they make the public forget all the tough ones they never broke. Sometimes I wonder if they ever did break a really tough one.

(Raymond Chandler, Letter to James Fox, Jan. 18, 1954, from Raymond Chandler: A Biography, Tom Hiney, Grove Press, 1997, p 181)

That was from the days before the Security State was quite so firmly entrenched.

Gee, wonder how he’d feel this week, when James Comey convinced all the people who, back in July, were telling themselves things really had changed, that nothing has changed, ¬†and all the people who, back in July, were telling themselves that nothing had changed, that….hey, maybe things have changed!

To those who dare to put their trust in secret police forces on the days they bring “good” news…please, I beg you….come back to the light and grow old with me.


7 thoughts on “ONLY THE NAMES CHANGE….A WORD ON THE “ELECTION” (Great Quotations)

  1. RC has always been just about my favorite American writer. He’s looking an awful lot like another American artist I’m awfully fond of. Thank heavens neither are here to tear out what little hair they possess over this world.

    • Yes, I’m afraid everything they feared is now staring us in the face. It’s not absolutely too late but the prospects become grimmer year by year.

      “It was a wilderness, now it’s a garden. Aren’t you proud?”

  2. If Hilary Clinton is elected president, James Comey has got to be out of a job in January. If Donald Trump is elected, may history judge Comey for his sins against the American people.

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