…Certainly not the Nobel Prize committees, including the one that picks winners for “literature.”

But, for once, somebody deserving has won something, namely Robert Zimmerman, the now and again Poet Laureate of Hibbing, Minnesota, Greenwich Village, and Enlightened People Everywhere.

Kinda weird in one way, though, because even Bob Dylan knows who America’s “greatest living poet,” is.

Lest we forget…

…or some member of the illuminati wants to be useful for once and start a campaign for next year.

4 thoughts on “HEY, NOBODY’S PERFECT…

  1. I could NOT pick a modern poet for the ages, let alone for a Nobel or a Poet Laureate. We’re talking words and music here.
    Both would be a good choice, but what about Joni Mitchell, or Leonard Cohen, and on and on.
    You’re right, nobody’s perfect!

    • Oh, it’s definitely a fool’s game. Picking prizes for art along the lines of athletic competition is…dubious. But it happens so we might as well have fun with it.

      That said, Bob Dylan has affected the world more than any other Noble Literature winner…likely more than all the others combined (for starters it’s hard to imagine a world where Joni Mitchell or Leonard Cohen land major recording contracts without him). So some sort of lifetime achievement is in order and I guess this is the biggest one they could give him.

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