AND NOW, FOR A GENTLE FOLK SONG (Occasional Sports Moment #27)

Ho hum, another baseball post season (this time, the play-in game between the Mets and the Giants).

Another manager (this time, the Mets’ Terry Collins) takes out another dominant pitcher after seven innings with his team tied or ahead (this time in a scoreless game).

His opposing manager (this time, the Giants’ Bruce Bochte) leaves his dominant pitcher in.

Book the Giants for Friday night at Wrigley Field.

Once again my two basic rules for changing pitchers were ignored.

  1. Never take a hot pitcher out if you’re tied or ahead (no, not even to pinch hit for him). This goes double for a post season game.
  2. If the other dugout wants you to take your guy out….you shouldn’t.

Once again, the team that ignored my two rules lost. They don’t always lose, of course. But, usually, they do. And they wouldn’t always have won if they followed my advice. But they would have always had a better chance.

No skin off my nose. Buster Posey went to Florida State. I always want the Giants to win as long as he’s playing for them (though I won’t be heartbroken if the Cubs finally get the century-plus monkey off their back).

But at least the song I always dedicate to the knucklehead losers in this situation is appropo. Nice San Francisco connection and all.


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