AND THEN IT CAME TO ME….(Why I Still Need Rock and Roll: Session #15)

Mostly, when I think about politics, it’s with a wry smile and a shake of the head. But this is a truly weird season, likely to get weirder. I’m not going to comment on anything specific, but it did occur to me that I could dedicate this song I suddenly can’t get out of my head to “the Establishment” wings of both major political parties.

I don’t know if it’s mere Serendipity or the Cosmos at work, but it’s from 1971, when the Great American Middle Class was just beginning to feel the first hard drops of rain before the flood (as in, 1946–1973, Total Economy doubled, Wages doubled; 1973–2016; Total Economy doubled again, Wages up 2%).

At least they told us it was rain….Here’s to the coming deluge, and the overlords who were certain the party would last forever. If the change ain’t this year, it ain’t long:



2 thoughts on “AND THEN IT CAME TO ME….(Why I Still Need Rock and Roll: Session #15)

  1. When I read your email without the video link, I guessed you were gonna play us a Creedence Clearwater track.

    Just remember, tens of millions of Americans consistently vote AGAINST their own economic interests because they focus on putting Protestant prayer in school, stopping women from stopping unwanted pregnancies, keeping brown people south of the border, keeping black people and women and gays in their place, yada yoda blah blah.

    And it ain’t gonna end any time soon . . .

  2. Well, “Bad Moon Rising” would have been great for 1980 (I think Springsteen covered that live actually). But we’re well past that. I never entirely give up hope, but I ain’t holdin’ my breath. All I know is, it’s starting to feel like a very weird year.

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