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  1. Sixty One years ago, I believe! I was a 13yr old riding in a car with my Daddy, and cruisin’ on down the busiest North/South Blvd. in St.Louis, Mo. November 1954, when an unusual voice started to sing, figured it had to be a black man, singin’ R & B type Bluesy tune, ’cause a white man didn’t sing a song like that! Never heard the tune or the voice before, looked at my Daddy and said, ‘Daddy, I don’t know who that guy is, but I think he is going to be someone special’! My dad replied, with a twinkle in his eye, ‘You might be right, Kid. You just might be right’! The name of the BLVD that we were cruisin’ on down, ….’King’shighway’ Blvd! The bluesy tune, ‘That’s Alright’! The guy was, of course, a 19yr old Elvis Presley! TCB! & TYVM! Johnny!

  2. Sixty one years since the Big Bang in the universe of music. Alas, I was born too late. Imagine those Louisiana Hayride shows with the girls shrieking and Scotty and Bill laughing at the antics of their young singer.

    What a lovely father-daughter-Elvis moment from Clementine. I am envious!

    Yes, Johnny, thank you very much for this!

  3. I have to admit……..it is a special memory that will never fade or lose its’ luster! In fact, I can easily…. still see the the twinkle in my Daddy’s eye!! TYVM! Johnny and Peggy!

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