My latest review for can be found here…My favorite kind of assassination-lit. The author offers some interesting, apparently hard-earned evidence and interesting discussion about what it all means. But the book is valuable even if you don’t share his conclusions…



  1. John: I read your review of my book and passed it on to others, who also enjoyed it. I think you were quite fair in your analysis, and I hope others will continue to share that point of view. This is indeed the story of a truly remarkable woman who deserves to be recognized for the contribution she made in JFK’s effort to point us all toward world peace. As we look at the world today and how fragile the pursuit of real peace actually is, we must be reminded of those who gave their lives for something so important. Mary Pinchot Meyer is one of those people, as was JFK. There will be a third and final edition of this book coming out before the end of this year. Again, thank you. – Peter Janney

  2. Hi Peter. I’m glad you found the review and had a positive response! I didn’t hear about the book until recently (hence the late review) but it was a great find. Definitely one of the few truly essential books in the genre. I’ll definitely look forward to seeing the new edition!

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