(Conversation from inside the late, lamented Circles of Sound in Fort Walton Beach just after New Year’s 1997. There’s no way to prove it, of course, but if there were, I’d be willing to bet there’s no more than a word or two altered.)

Me (Pointing at record store wall): Is that for sale?

Owner: You know it doesn’t have a record in it?

Me: Well, I’ve got a decent copy of the record, but I need a clean cover…Would you consider selling it?

Owner (Takes it down from wall and looks it over. Then, looking at me like there’s one born every minute): Okay. Three bucks.

Me: (Very careful not to look like there’s one born every minute) Good deal.

The cover wasn’t pristine, just a lot better than the one I had. And while I always thought it was a steal at three bucks (I’d have thought the same at twenty), I’m really satisfied now, when this–not as clean as mine–is about the best copy I could find on the internet.

Since it was going on my wall some day (2006 I think was when I got around to it, hung it right above the Doors’ first…I’m nothing if not patient), I knew it was a score I had to make.

Social significance?

None, baby.

None whatsoever!


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