SOME DREAMS DIE HARD…(Found In The Connection: Rattling Loose End #17)

…And I’ll keep hangin’ on to this one, but just at present the prospects don’t look good.

In 1982, when they were riding high, the Go-Go’s played across the street from the apartment where I was living.

So, literally, in 1982 I could say that I didn’t walk across the street to see the only post 1979 band I ever cared about the way I’ve cared about a dozen or more pre-1979 bands. I had good excuses for not going back then and they would have been good excuses even if I had known for certain that the revolution was winding down and I would never feel that way again.

I was broke. I didn’t go to concerts. I would have had to go alone, which I’m generally fine with even now (and was even more generally fine with then), but I thought it would seem pretty weird and isolationist to be alone at a rock concert even for someone as anti-social as me.

Most importantly, though, there was always the future.

I was sure I would catch them next time around.

Now it’s thirty-one years on and I still haven’t seen them. Let’s just say, they haven’t played across the street from me since then. Heck, they haven’t even come within reasonable driving distance.

So I was all set to fly out to the west coast, last year. Had it all planned that I would catch them at their 30th anniversary show at the Hollywood Bowl in September.

Seemed perfect.

I was within days of lining up my tickets–airline and concert–on the web.

Then a home inspection occurred and my insurance company told me I would have to replace my roof and my hardwood floors before the end of the year if I wanted to keep the house insurable.

There went that little plan.

Later on, I was actually kind of relieved that I didn’t go, because it turned out that bass player Kathy Valentine had a wrist injury that kept her from playing the show. I can’t even describe how bummed I would have been if I flew all the way to the west coast, pilgrimage style, to see the Go-Go’s, only to discover one of them was missing.

Laugh if you want, but they are one of those bands where it really isn’t the same with one person missing, and, no, it doesn’t matter which one it is.

Fast forward to the present:

A couple of days ago, when I was hunting around for a video link for my previous post I came across the news that Valentine has now parted ways with the band. Happened earlier this year. Some time the spring near as I could gather. I read up on the reasons and they don’t really matter to me personally because I don’t know any of the people involved and have no idea who is right or wrong.

What is pretty obvious is that there are now lawsuits flying around and lot’s of money involved so there’s a good possibility the chances I’ve missed to see all of them–which is all I would ever be interested in–have gone for good.

I know, I know–bands do this all the time and they usually do get back together eventually.

But I have a feeling about this one.

And if it turns out I’m right then it will mean I was also right about the feeling I had the first time I heard the last track on what I’m now sadly confident will be their final album (2001’s God Bless the Go-Go’s):

“If it ends here, then they really were perfect.”

The Go-Go’s “Daisy Chain” (Studio Recording with Fan Video)


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