THE GOOD KIND OF CRAZY (Karen Black and Cowboy Jack Clement, R.I.P.)

I don’t really have the knowledge to do either full justice so I’ll point you to other places and strongly encourage you to go on over.

Sheila O’Malley and Dan Callahan do far better by Black than anything I read in the mainstream media. You can go here for starters and please do follow her link!

(My own favorite Black performance was her goofy, intense turn as a “wife of crime” in Family Plot…which shows what I know!)

Justice is done to Jack Clement here–the fact that he was responsible for bringing Charley Pride to Nashville alone makes him one of the most important men in the history of country music and that barely scratches the surface of his accomplishments….none of which were greater than arranging the horns for this:

Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire” (Television Performance)

I will just add that, besides the timing of their respective deaths, Black and Clement are linked in one other important way: It’s highly unlikely the worlds of Hollywood or Nashville would have room for either if they were starting out today.

Our loss.


2 thoughts on “THE GOOD KIND OF CRAZY (Karen Black and Cowboy Jack Clement, R.I.P.)

  1. Did not know about Karen Black…..but she always came off as …..’one of a kind’ to me! Jack Clement was a catalyst in both ‘Rock & Country’…..the music world all the better for his input and contributions! I loved Charlie Pride…..when he hit the scene!! Didn’t realize Clements’ role in bring Charley to ‘Country Music’!! A big…. ‘Feather’ …. in his cap!! Of course, I have always known about the role he played in recording …..’The Million Dollar Quartet’!! Thank God he was there that afternoon!! Always TCB

  2. I thought I knew a lot about Clement…But there’s so much to know, I still found new stuff in the excellent obit USA did (or at least distributed)…Did not know about his Ring of Fire connection, for instance, which was one reason I linked to it…And, yes, “one of a kind” is a perfect description for Karen. For both of them really!

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