My health continues to be a problem but there are some promising signs. I’ve finally found access to a regular supply of pain medicine and have gotten some diagnoses that point to a possibility of finding the source of the pain itself. In any case ideas have been building…I hope to bring some of them to fruition soon….I have a length letter to write in honor of my parents’ missionary service which I hope to present to my home church. Once that’s complete in the next week or so I expect to resume regular blogging……There will be a LOT of records covered.. I know that much because getting back in touch with my vinyl collection has been about the only good thing about being hobbled all these months…The things that have make you smile are weird sometimes:


6 thoughts on “NO, I AIN’T DEAD….

  1. Johnny, we are all looking forward to seeing you back in the pink, as they say. I always enjoy your conversations about music. Like all (most, or at least some) of us, the pandemic has severely impacted what was our normal routine. The vinyl and cd collection has been a blessing. Cheers my friend.

  2. Hi Johnny! I’m glad things are improving for your health! I look forward to your blogging again. Would love to know your thoughts on current events, too, if you feel up to it.

    • Hey April, I apologize for the slow response…slew of doctor’s appointments this week! My thoughts on current events have mostly involved not thinking about them at all! But I’m still trying to get my head around it. Short version is All my short term predictions were wrong…but all my long-term predictions about our decline and fall ae firmly back on track! All in all, I’d rather it be the reverse.

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