Nov. 4, 2020

11:40 a.m.: I went to bed around 3:00 a.m. still pretty confident that Trump would win. As of now, it looks like Biden has a 90-95% chance of victory. As I said all day yesterday, when Trump looked solid, it ain’t over till it’s over…but the closer you get the less things are likely to change.

It looks like the Dems will hold the house and the Repubs will hold the Senate, though, again, things could change. The Dems perfected their long-pursued dream of Count-Votes-Until-You’re-Ahead-Then-Declare-Victory in 2018 and applied it even more effectively this time. (EX: They found 130,000 ballots in Wisconsin at 4:00 a.m. this morning and, magically, 125,000 were for Biden and, as of now, have handed him the state.)

No matter the outcome, half the population won’t accept it…and there won’t be much they can do except simmer, as Nixon voters did after 1960 and Gore and Kerry voters did after 2000 and 2004. The main takeaway, assuming Biden is elected, is that the Grand Bargain (1980’s–Republicans would take the economy; Democrats would take the culture)  which precipitated the Frozen Silence (1980-2016) can now resume. Trump will have been merely an interruption.

So while, my predictions for this short-term result were mostly wrong, my prediction for the long-term fate of the U.S.A. is now back on course.

Goodbye us.

I’ll check back in if events warrant….Til then, it’s been fun!

12 thoughts on “ELECTION 2020: PRE-POST MORTEM!

  1. It was always a possibility. Take comfort that only the short term history of man is in his own hands, the long term is in God’s. Thanks for keeping us posted, Johnny.

  2. NDJ

    I have been following elections since 1968 and in every single one of them, the Dems “long-pursued dream” has been get-as-many-eligible-voters-out-to-vote-and-then-count-every-damn-ballot.

    As for the 130,000 magically “found” ballots in Wisconsin, if they are legit then it seems to me that the question should be how they got “lost” in the first place.

    Keep on keepin’ on …


    • Well I wouldn’t say they were lost…more like held back (or conveniently misplaced). I mean that would be the smart way. Every time I tell someone that all close elections are stolen and both sides cheat they refuse to believe that their side does. In any case I’m sure there will be a welter of legal actions in the coming weeks, no matter how the next few days turn out. Should be fun!

  3. I dunno—I don’t see either side being dumb enough to intentionally “lose” ballots. They may not ever be found or could be legally challenged. I’ll go with ol’ Occam and his razor here and say (A) they were probably accidentally misplaced and if not that, then (B) the “other side” non-accidentally misplaced them.

    Of course, we will probably never know …

    • Against that we have Teddy White’s assurance (and he was a rabid Kennedy supporter) that the Kennedy war room celebrated when Southern Illinois came in and put Nixon ahead. Naif that he was, he asked why the hell they were celebrating and was told “Now we know how many votes we need out of Chicago.”

      Of course we never REALLY know. Which is why all feet should be held to the fire.

    • Hi Hugh. Thank you for asking. I am still recovering from my healthy issues (especially my cracked vertabrae which keeps from spending long hours in my computer chair!)…..I plan to resume posting at least periodically over the long holiday weekend. I’ll try to post something music related since you’re a fan!


  4. Since I can’t find your most recent post on the website yet……
    And thank you for all of the wonderful words that have been so enriching and edifying for the past few years……may a great many more be forthcoming!
    Your fan and friend,

    • Hey thanks Chris…I hope to start posting soon (back is still acting up but it’s slowly getting better). hope you can now see my John Lennon post from yesterday…Not much chance I’ll forget that date!


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