In 2016, I monitored CNN’s county by county election map from first poll closings till well after the race was called some time after midnight.,

One interesting note is that I called my home state, Florida, at 9:00 p.m. CNN, which was providing the math I was using, didn’t call the state for Trump until 11:30, which was about when every other network called it.

I plan to take off work Tuesday night and, assuming CNN or some other source provides the same information, I will be doing the same this time, except I plan to live blog the experience. I want to give all my followers a heads up in case they want to follow along. Florida is expected to once again be both close and key this time around so it’s possible you will hear the result here first.

NOTE: I don’t intend this coverage to imply endorsement of either candidate, another way it will be different than all other “news” coverage. Hope you’ll join me!

4 thoughts on “ELECTION NOTICE

    • Hey thanks Mike…I don’t think I’m in any danger where I am. If anything does occur it will likely be in big cities. Too many guns in southern small towns!

      Anyway, check here around 9:00 p.m….I might have the early call again and as Florida goes, almost certainly the election goes.

  1. Well, NDJ, I may take a peek at your live Blog. But for the most part… I will be hiding my head in the proverbial sand till Wednesday A.M.! (maybe longer)

    I’ve already deactivated my social media accounts : (
    Please stay safe!

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