Whoo boy…let me take it in order:

The week before Labor Day I was peacefully recovering from a triple by-pass I received Aug 4. Wednesday of that week I visited a hematologist and learned quite a bit about my long-term condition, regarding diabetes and anemia There was a small incident where my knees buckled while they were measuring my height. Nurses caught me and I spent the rest of the visit in a wheel chair. I attributed it to being overextended by the long walks in the doctor’s office. In any case there seemed no particular cause for immediate alarm.

Come the weekend, however, I began to become noticeably weaker. i fell in my house on Sunday afternoon but decided I could make it to Tuesday morning when the doctors’ offices opened to call for advice

Then, on Monday evening around 10:00 p.m., while standing in front of the recliner in my den, attempting to urinate in the bottle they had given me at the hospital, I essentially passed out and face-planted into my flat-screen television. Miraculously, I was unhurt, though the tv was shot and it took me a good thirty minutes to collect myself and call an ambulance. When I got to the hospital, it turned out the lump in my rear end, which I had taken for either a pulled muscles or a growth/tumor of some kind was a severely infected cyst. The infection had already reached my bloodstream so I was scheduled for surgery which was successfully performed on Tuesday afternoon.

After three more days in the hospital I was transferred to a rehab facility on a Friday afternoon. The actual rehab began on Monday. I told the first therapist I saw that my goal was to go home in a week. He and the nurse who was in the room at the time both got a good laugh out of that.

I went home eight days later and am doing well so far (have driven myself, gone grocery shopping, albeit with the handicap cart, done a load of laundry, etc. and worked three days). I’m still moving very slowly but, absent further setbacks, I expect to be  well-recovered in about six weeks.

When I’ll be back to normal regarding blogging and other on-line activities is still anybody’s guess. Suffice it to say I hope to become a little more engaged week-by-week.

Lastly, my apologies to everyone who follows me here for the site being down so long. It went off-line the weekend before I went back to the hospital and I didn’t have the energy to deal with it until yesterday afternoon.

It’s good to be back!


13 thoughts on “THE LATEST….

  1. Holy Toledo, Johnny. What a year you’ve had. I’m so glad to hear that you’re recovering and that the worst is over.
    Now, stop with the maladies, my friend! Sheesh……I thought I’d asked nicely enough.

    ROCK ON, Mr. Ross. You are, as your handle suggests, nondisposable.

  2. No need to apologize, especially after everything you have been through. Just focus on getting better and we can catch up then. Best wishes from this corner on a continuing and speedy recovery.

    • I was sorry because I couldn’t let everybody know. As frustrated as I was, I can imagine how those who didn’t know felt!. Thanks, as always, for the support though Mike….I’m definitely not going to get ahead of myself!

  3. Hi Johnny, I’m so sorry about all these health issues and sincerely hope they are resolved in a few weeks time. I have had health challenges, too, so you have all my empathy and support. We’ll patiently wait until you can get to blogging again in these interesting times!

  4. Hey John
    So glad to hear you’ve taken a profound turn for the better!
    Should anyone ever tell you to “Go to Hell” you can honestly reply “No thanx, I’ve already been there”
    God Speed & Looking forward to to further working together!

    • Hey Rick, I really appreciate your patience. At this point I’m not even promising when I’ll get back to any serious writing….Hoping this weekend will be clear but right now it’s “wait and see!” Have to get to where I can think straight first! Best to you and yours as always!


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