I came home from the hospital a week ago yesterday and things are progressing nicely. I was able to shave myself a couple of times this week, the first time sitting down, the second time standing up. I’m still using a walker as a precaution but I’m moving around a bit without it. Baby steps. I expect to resume work-at-home part time on Monday, which is also when my brother plans to return to North Carolina. I’ll have more to say about his special qualities then. I consider myself very lucky.


6 thoughts on “ONE WEEK AT HOME….

  1. This is wonderful news! Please continue to stay safe… Take it Easy and receive all the good vibes coming your way. Also, thank you for the beautiful video of a timeless classic.


  2. Very good news. Glad to hear things are looking up. On a musical note, I purchased the Cream box set released last spring. All live shows including three from the West Coast. Good stuff. We are all pulling for you and are looking forward to hearing from you once you are back in the pink.

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