Short take is I’ve been in the hospital for the last two weeks and have just arrived home. They found blockage in my chest arteries that required a triple-coronary bypass. Then it took a number of days to drain the fluid from my system which I was told was considerably more than usual. It’s been an ordeal but I look forward to a full recovery.

I have good health insurance, good doctors, plenty of sick time, and a company that understands my situation. My brother is here to take care of me until I am truly back on my feet which I hope will be in a couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and concerns. I’ve missed blogging as much as anything….But you know how that goes:

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  1. Amazing news! Rest up well……..I worked in the Operating Room at Barnes-Jewish Hospital for 47yrs…….so I know what you have just accomplished! Stay safe also!

  2. Oh my, Johnny I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go through all of this. But I’m relieved to hear you are in the mend and in good hands. PLEASE take care of yourself, go easy and slow and let your body recover. I’m sure it has not been easy but you sound in good spirits.
    Miss your posts but take your time.

  3. …. I just want to echo everything that April said. Gosh, what an ordeal and I am so thankful to hear that you are taking care of yourself. Thank you for letting us know.


  4. Hey John,
    Sounds like a horrible ordeal but it’s great to know you’re on the mend! Has anyone indicated the source or reason for this nightmare? So you can prevent any future ugliness?
    Most importantly you sound good and the rest of us can now look forward to your usual Brilliance!
    All my very best!

  5. Holy cow! I stop paying attention for a couple of months to move house, and I come back to read this! I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go through that, Johnny…but also, so incredibly proud of you for being the bad-ass that you tend to be, and pulling through it so successfully.
    One thing is clear: I need to check in more often, so everyone here magically stays healthy. 🙂

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