The good news is my Covid-19 test came back negative. The further good news is I can now see my doctor tomorrow concerning whatever it is I DO have (nagging cough, trouble sleeping).

The less good news is during this whole thing my legs have swollen to twice normal size and I’ve gained 19 pounds in 13 days despite limiting myself to two meals a day…So they’ll be checking on that as well. I’ll keep everyone posted on here as much as possible. I don’t think it’s out of the question I might need a hospital stay to figure out what’s going on, but hoping otherwise. I’ll know more tomorrow evening after I see the doctor!

Thanks to everyone for their concern the meanwhile! You know how I roll:


12 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS, LESS GOOD NEWS….

  1. Hope all goes well with your doctor visit…. Happy to hear your Covid 19 test was negative! Take care.

  2. Please take care of that ASAP, Johnny. I do hope it’s nothing serious. Could it be a medication you’re taking? Just be careful and do what’s best for you.

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