A week ago yesterday, having become frustrated with a week’s worth of phone-tag and various snafus regarding a cholesterol test, I visited two doctor’s offices and a lab in order to straighten out some paperwork and get retested. The paperwork got straightened out. I got retested. However, coincidentally or not (and, yes, we were all wearing masks), I woke up around 4 a.m. the next morning with a nagging, persistent cough.

I wasn’t anything I hadn’t had before so I gave it a week to improve. It didn’t so today I went back to the lab and had a Covid-19 test. I should have results in 3-7 business days. The major effect on the blog is that the coughing is making it very hard to concentrate well enough or long enough to post anything. I’ll probably need a nap when I finish this post. I’ll keep everybody posted as things develop.

In the meantime, all I can say is thank God for Al Green. It’s not many people I can listen to for four days straight when I’m too weak to fight and personally keeping Ricola in business:

13 thoughts on “OKAY HERE’S THE SCOOP…

    • Thanks Diana. So far it’s one of those nagging things. I just wanted to let everyone know the situation so it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if things get worse! I’ll definitely keep you posted. I’d call, but when I talk, I cough (hahaha).


  1. Just ‘keep on…….Hangin; on! Hope all is well as soon as posssible! Take care of yourself!

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