NOTE: Most of the recent attacks on Jews that are receiving a lot of media coverage the last month or so (and mostly occurring in or around New York City, the poster metropolis  of human diversity) are more properly termed Anti-Judaism, a particular form of anti-Semitism which targets those who openly practice the Jewish religion, but the Language Police haven’t come up with any useful double definitions for that. This might help with sorting the more everyday discourse.

anti-Semite:  a person who is hostile to or prejudiced against Jews.

A Liberal, when described by a Conservative: Someone who loves Jews, but hates Israel.

A Conservative, when described by a Liberal: Someone who loves Israel, but hates Jews.

SECOND NOTE: How honest any given depiction of Jews, Israel, Liberals or Conservatives might be often depends on the eye of the beholder, but this much is true: Jews are always Jewish and Israel is always Israel, while Liberals are almost never Liberal and Conservatives are almost never Conservative.

Hope that’s all straight now.


All entries in the Devil’s Double Dictionary at RPM will be accompanied by this photograph of Ambrose Bierce, author of the original Devils Dictionary.

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