TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY (Late Night Dedication: 10/17/19)

Today, one of the more significant and sickening votes in the history of the U.S. House of Representatives was taken. The resolution was to condemn Donald Trump for withdrawing a handful of troops from Northern Syria in his latest attempt to curtail the Empire and, in his words, “end the endless wars.”

Every single Democrat in the House voted to condemn Trump’s small attempt to throw a monkey wrench in the Permanent War Machine. The only Republicans who voted with Trump were sixty of the dread Tea Party types. If this were the sixties, Jim Jordan would be Weatherman.

I had already decided a few years back to never vote for a Democrat again at any level. Liberals Who Aren’t are no better than Conservatives Who Do Not Conserve and they serve the same paymasters. If election day comes and the Republican is too vile (and that’s already happened a few times), I’ll vote third party or not vote at all.

But today’s action made me remember that I forgot to say goodbye.

So here’s to the Permanent War Party:

2 thoughts on “TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY (Late Night Dedication: 10/17/19)

  1. My mother cautioned me as a teen-ager to NEVER talk ‘Politics or Religion’! With apologies to my mother…..”I would vote for ‘The Devil’ ….rather than vote for Trump”! BUT I WOULD GO TO THE POLLS & VOTE! A ‘no vote’ always helps the worst candidate on the ballot. Sadly, apathy won the 2016 Election. TCB!

    • Well you know I don’t mind taking politics. All takes are welcome here! For what it’s worth the only election I didn’t vote in was 1984….so I’ll probably always vote. I’ve usually voted for third party or write in candidates for President. That trend might continue. But I don’t see Trump as either the God Emperor or The Devil. I support his tendency to avoid war-for-war’s-sake. If he sticks to it I’ll consider voting for him. If not, I won’t. But I won’t endorse him or anyone else. I tend to stick with John Mellencamp’s take. “Politicians. They’ll break your heart every time.”

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