“Gimme Some Lovin'” Spencer Davis Group (1966, Pop #7)/”Venus” Shocking Blue (1970, Pop #1)

Sometimes, something just bugs you. Something that bugged me for about forty-five years was why I had misheard the lead voice on Shocking Blue’s “Venus” as belonging to a male, when in fact (as I learned not less than twenty years after I first heard it on the radio), it belonged to Mariska Vares, a comely Dutch-born femme of Hungarian, Romani, Russian and French heritage by way of Germany.

I never could figure out why I thought it was a male voice, even if singing to a goddess who was “the summit of beauty and love” sounded like something that should be coming from a man if it wanted to make sense. I mean, nobody else ever fooled me that way. Well, not until Taylor Hanson on “MMMMMM-Bop” anyway and he, at least, was a long-haired, angelic looking teenager.

Then, just this week, I heard “Venus” in a whole new context, following immediately on Stevie Winwood’s vocal on the Spencer Davis Group’s “Gimme Some Lovin’,” which I’ve always known was male even if it sounded most like someone speaking in tongues, a state that transcends gender right along with everything else.

With one song running straight into the other (now there’s some ups!), I could hear the obvious: long-haired, teenage Stevie Winwood’s unmistakably male voice was at least as high as Mariska Veres’s.

Same for the families Osmond, Jackson and Partridge, and many others who surrounded Shocking Blue on the radio in the early 70s.

I had been prepared by the airwaves–TV and radio–to accept voices in that range as male.

Clearly, it messed with my head.

I now believe that the state of clinical depression I incurred between the ages of 16 and 23 was a deliberate plot foisted upon the young by World Government.

I’m just glad I resisted the whole Punk madness they came after me with next.

And that’s one more reason you can file any political comments I happen to make here under “Why I Insist on Keeping an Eye on the Bastards.”

Thank you Oldies Radio….Today’s Top 40 would never be allowed to reveal as much!!


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