I FIND MYSELF IN NEED OF SOLACE (Segue of the Day: 5/6/19)

No particular reason. Just seeking shelter from the usual storms, so I’ve been listening to a lot of Louis Armstrong, who always has a good effect on my soul. Today, I ran across these in succession and they made me smile. Sometimes a smile is all you need:

Oh yeah. They were way more revolutionary than anything that announces itself as such. That makes my smile even brighter.

4 thoughts on “I FIND MYSELF IN NEED OF SOLACE (Segue of the Day: 5/6/19)

  1. I certainly hope whatever is going on is bearable and I can fully believe Louie makes for a good cure! I would have to really sit down like you’ve been and listen to his music in succession for hours to really appreciate his artistry. As it is, based on what I have heard I don’t doubt for a minute he was the 20th century’s first musical revolutionary (probably without even caring to be).

    • Oh, I’m good. Potentially big life decisions coming that’s all (there’s no down side, just might keep me roiling for a bit).

      If you ever need a good introduction to Armstrong, I highly recommend the box I’ve been listening to: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. It can usually be found on Amazon for around 12-15 bucks and is bottomless. The man could do anything.

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