Where I’m reasonably certain I have the only wall space in America that features Bo Diddley, Vivien Leigh (watching over my vinyl boxes), a VW Microbus, and a Gibson Girl all side by side. And I’m damn sure I’m the only one who ever made it work:

And, like all good Americans, I’m also fond of Coca-Cola and Hayley Mills…

Why I didn’t think to get pictures of the front of my record shelves I’ll never know. Maybe next time.

16 thoughts on “AND NOW STEP INTO MY DEN…

  1. Very cool indeed. It helps fashion our perception of the writer to see his “environment”. You really are clean and organized, I admire that. I try to be but it’s challenging now that I’m down to living in one room for the time being. No pictures up for me, too cluttered. In my dream home I have a real motion picture screening room (of course) and there I would put black and white photos and caricatures of my favorites (Gary Cooper, Vivien Leigh, John Ford and stills from Ford’s films aka “art”). And some Gable and Marilyn from The Misfits for good measure.

    • Darn it April, I hope things turn around soon…sounds like you’ve been going through a rough patch. I’ll keep believing anyone with your excellent taste is bound to rise again!

      And stills from John Ford films is a great idea…Seems like every time I pause one of his films (including his “lesser” films) I’m looking at a great painting.

      BTW: I should have my tribute to Golden Age westerns up this week. Hoping you, especially, will get a kick out of it!

  2. I’m looking forward to your article! The other day I watched a Joel McCrea western I had not seen before, The Lone Hand. Not a bad entry in the “single father” subcategory of westerns, of which there seemed so many, lol.

      • I think of him as the inheritor of Will Rogers’ mantle. If you see enough of the younger Will (and you have to dig for that, there’s little available footage), you know what I mean. And Will was a “cowboy king” in my estimation.

        • I never thought of it but that’s spot on…I was at the Will Rogers Museum in OK once and they had all his available silents (on VHS in those days). Had no money! Still hope to get back some day!

          • Dig around on YouTube and you may find some of his silent at least in part. If ever I return to OK I will make a b-line for the museum. We really can use his sane and humane humor now more than ever.

    • Yes it is! And it’s great they have a film festival, especially for the native filmmakers (Cherokee are born storytellers!).

        • Really looking forward to it. I want to read it on my commute home when I have time to savor. I tend to wait till I have just the right ambience to reply to stuff I’m excited about. That’s why I still need to get my words together for your Vivien piece you wrote some time ago. I have notes I just need to type them!

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