Famine victims being attended in Vietnam, 1945. Remember: First chaos, then tyranny.

NOTE: I’ve made a commitment to do more reading this year. I’ll still post book reviews and I may continue to post quotes in other categories when appropriate. But I’m also going to initiate a “Sunday Reading”  category. The actual reading and/or posting may not take place on Sunday, but it will give me an excuse to dip into whatever I’m trying to keep up with, in any given week.

This week’s inaugural entry is from Neil Jamieson’s Understanding Vietnam, which I previously referenced here.

The setting is Hanoi, 1945, days after WWII has ended:

The Americans had indeed been good friends of the Vietminh in their bid to grasp power in Vietnam. Americans in the field had consistently snubbed the French forces and refused, sometimes cruelly, to help them, while they had openly demonstrated their sympathy for the Vietnamese revolutionaries in southern China and especially for Ho. The Americans who had met Ho Chi Minh liked him and wanted to help him in his struggle against both the Japanese and the French.

Ho Chi Minh not only was president of the new Republic but also served as his own minister of foreign affairs. . . .the other Nationalist leaders, the entire right and center of the political spectrum as well as the Trotskyites, had been completely outmaneuvered. They were all dumbfounded to realize that Ho Chi Minh and his followers were now the government, the only government, in Vietnam. And anticommunists were already beginning to disappear. Pham Quynh had already been executed near Hue, and Ngo Dinh Dinh’s sister was said to have been buried alive.

American goodwill for the new government remained abundant.”

You can observe the same style of genius at work in the Middle East today and, for once, you don’t have to go looking in the dark corners of the internet. The mainstream news doesn’t even bother to hide it. No matter what time it is, the same mindset that toasted Ho in 1945 (and Fidel in 1958, and Saddam in 1979, and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab Spring in 2010, and whoever offered himself up as a “nationalist” willing to fight the bogey man the day before yesterday) is being represented–likely by some “former” intelligence official–on the CNN/MSNBC/FOX axis while you’re reading this.

Hey, Empire builders, if War knew, how come you didn’t know?

Or is it that you did know, you sly dogs you!

Rest of ya’ll use this to clear your head.

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