Rock and Roll America…Come on in.

As most of you know by now, I have started 2019 with a couple of new 60’s-oriented ventures. There will now be a monthly column at Rick Shoemaker’s blog Sixties Music Secrets, devoted to all things 60’s, and a minimum of one or two posts a week at Medium under the publication Tell It Like It Was, where I will post stories under my own name as well as occasional collaborations with Neal Umphred, Lew Shiner and (possibly) others.

REMEMBER: Everything you do to support these efforts helps me and my writing career. EVERYTHING. That means linking, reading, clapping, liking, bookmarking, following, spreading the word to family and friends who engage social media and ESPECIALLY becoming a fellow member on Medium (a mere $5 a month). These efforts will also help Rick, Lew and Neal in some measure–anything that leads to greater readership and a higher online profile benefits us all.

For now, my plan is as follows:

Anything NOT related to the 60’s (or at least 1955-1975), will continue to be posted EXCLUSIVELY HERE.

SOME things related to the 60’s will be posted here first. They may or may not then ALSO be posted at Tell It Like It Was.

Any content provided to Sixties Music Secrets will be exclusive over there, but I will ALWAYS post an announcement and a link here.

Content posted at Medium may or may not appear here first (it may even be an older post). If it is subsequently re-posted at Tell It Like It Was, it will ALWAYS have some new content (sometimes minimal, sometimes extensive), and I will ALWAYS post an announcement and a link here.

Some posts will be exclusive to Tell It Like It Was.

The columns I post at Sixties Music Secrets will relate to the 60’s in some way, shape or fashion, but may not be confined to music.

The stories I post at Tell It Like It Was will relate to the music of the period 1955-1975, with an emphasis on the 60’s

I hope that what I’m bringing to these projects (besides whatever skill or insight I have as a writer) is a small but fiercely loyal audience, which now has its mission statement.

More soon, but for now, help us hang on to Rock and Roll America and…



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