Commenter April mentioned that  a single song summed up 2018 for her, personally, and wondered if others had a song that might do the same for them.

That smelled like a post to me!

I was sure I could come up with a song that encapsulated this past very interesting year of my life.

For the record (and for those of you who–shame on you!–don’t follow along in the comments), April’s record was this one, which, serendipity or no, is the theme from a movie that I have long loved but which, for reasons that might require another post some day, has hit a little closer to home of late:

I hope that means April is in a better place–like Kelly’s heroes at the end of the movie, rather than the beginning.

The minute she posed the question, a song popped into my head. I’ve spent a day or so thinking about it, but nothing has dislodged that first thought. Before I share it, let me first say that, if the question had been posed a year ago, I would have had no hesitation in knowing how 2017 was summed up because it was like a lot of years before it, and maybe even my whole life:

Bleak as that may seem, I’m always grateful for any year that doesn’t turn out like this…because there have been a few:

Last year, though, was a good year, all in all. I can now see the light at the end of a financial nightmare tunnel, which I entered one afternoon (in 2007) when I discovered my 87-year-old father had, unbeknownst to anyone, cancelled his supplemental health insurance nine months earlier. It might not have been a big deal, except he’d had a stroke that morning.

Well, when else would you find out something like that? Such is life.

2018, though, felt like a turning point. If I manage to hold on to my job (a big “if” at the moment) the coming years promise to be much brighter. We’ll see.

For now, I offer this little-known gem, modest in conception and execution, at least until the singer takes a deep breath before stepping into the final chorus.

Back in simpler times, I used to stay up all night, trying to figure out how she did it.

Now, I just smile:

If anyone has a song, album, movie, book or anything else that summed up last year for them, I hope you’ll share it. Me and April can’t be the only ones.

2 thoughts on “HOW WAS YOUR 2018?

  1. Gasp! I can’t believe I overlooked this post until Now for crying out loud. I do apologize, Johnny. But you can understand a little better now why the heck I chose the song I did. I make gaffs like this too often for patience! And I have been reading your blog sporadically, as I do everything else—sporadically. I can relate to that dud avocado girl. But at least she was in Paris.

    And it looks like you and I ARE the only ones, ha!

    I have to say I knew you would come up with a great song for your 2018 but I’m thrilled you didn’t stop there. Incredibly, I don’t recall that Temptations song from the days when anything by them (or from the 50s, early 60s) would be voraciously devoured by me in my teens (in the 80s & 90s). And wouldn’t you know it, I now think that may be the most moving vocal from them of any I’ve heard. It’s easy to look at clips and fall for the slickness, believing it’s all just “entertainment” and miss the artistry or as in this case, the soul. But his singing is not to be denied. It breaks through the living room fourth wall, as it must have for many when first seen.

    The song struck me for a second reason: in one of my bizarre but constant associations, it prompted me to recall a line from Doctor Zhivago. It’s in response to news that the Tzar and family have all been assassinated. “It’s to show there’s no going back.” It’s eerie how the past indeed becomes…or soon my become…the present and of course future, come the revolution.

    Tanya is delightful and hearing that song I hear all the imitators since who never give her credit. She made it sound so easy. Even when it’s “holding on” by your fingernails!
    I think you and I both had similar years, beyond what we shared with the rest of the world. And I can dig anything to do with the pain of money there’s never enough of. My own song selection also had to do with leaving a rather cushy, too-long held job for a lot of risky enterprises that went bust. Now I just hope my present reprieve lasts a little longer than they did before because I’m building new bridges and the material isn’t quite up to standard.

    • Paul Williams is one of my secret heroes. I find his voice healing–incredible given that he committed suicide at 34. Don’t miss his performance of “For Once on My Life” on YouTube (the live version)!

      I hope you find a settled place in the coming year April. Sounds like you could use a break. You can take Tanya for this year and I’ll try to move up to “Walking On Sunshine” or something! (hahahaha. That”ll be the day!)

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