Things have been brewing. A couple of months ago, Rick Shoemaker, who runs the great Sixties Music Secrets site (available on my blogroll) asked if I would begin contributing a monthly column to his site. The first column, “The Sixties as They Almost Were,” featuring my favorite “lost” (or at least “lost sounding”) records of the decade, has just posted.

I’ll have more announcements in the near future but this is enough excitement for one day! I’m honored that Rick asked me to participate and look forward to both the challenge and the opportunity of reaching a wider audience.

Meanwhile, please follow the link to read the column and help give Rick the audience he deserves!

And for those who either dropped by here first or made their way from Rick’s Place, I know the biggest question after reading one of these lists is What did you leave off dummy?

A hundred or more, really, but serendipity brought this one back to my attention just last night. It should have been about the third song I picked and landed somewhere in the middle of the story I was trying to tell.

Oh well, call it a bonus:

(For more thoughts on Glenda Collins, go here)

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