SOME VERITIES REALLY ARE ETERNAL (Segue of the Day: 12/4/18)

…As in, per the Howlin’ Wolf, the men don’t know but the little (and not-so-little) girls understand.

I found this in the process of researching something else today (about which, more soon!)….courtesy of Tommy Roe and the Sixties…(be sure to read the description under the linked video***)

..which immediately put me in mind of David Johansen, the Dolls and the Seventies, starting a song with six fans in the audience and ending with eight (proof they could have made it, given enough time!) …So different in every respect….except the girls always sing along.

I mean, it literally could have been the same girl, seven years later.

It isn’t…but it could have been.

***Apologies! I’ve just been reminded that the link plays on the site rather than going to YouTube, the Play arrow actually plays the video on the site. To to to YouTube, just hover over “YouTube” and click that instead.

8 thoughts on “SOME VERITIES REALLY ARE ETERNAL (Segue of the Day: 12/4/18)

  1. Only time I ever liked the Dolls was in the first episode of the television series “Vinyl.”

    You wrote, “(be sure to read the description).”

    What description.

    PS: You’re not allowed to give anything away yet. Neither am I.

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