TO THE AFGHAN MISSION (Late Night Dedication: 10/19/18)

It’s the little things that tell the tale….

We have been in Afghanistan for nearly seventeen years. A small item in the news today (I’m guessing CNN gave it no more than an hour or two total throughout the first twenty-four hours, plus a few hundred words on their website….and that there will be little or no followup) tells us what we have won.

Two Americans also were wounded in the shooting attack at Kandahar Palace, said Col. Dave Butler, a spokesman for US Forces-Afghanistan. US Army Gen. Scott Miller, the commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, was present but uninjured in the attack, a statement from US forces said.

To wit: To win a war, you must take the enemy’s ground and hold it until he gives up. Today we learned that what we are constantly told is the mightiest military force in the history of the world, having occupied, for seventeen years, a country which barely qualifies for the term Third World, cannot guarantee the safety of our top commander in the region inside a prominent government facility.

This means we have taken and held not a single inch of Afghan territory.

Our defeat could hardly be more thorough. Donald Trump should dump his military advisers and fulfill his campaign promise to listen to Freda:

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