…I’m going to be busy for a while.

Friend’s birthday party Friday night. High school reunion (hurricane damage permitting) Saturday night. Sunday, I leave for a nine-day trip in which I’ll be visiting North Carolina (my brother), Nashville (my nephew) and Memphis (my oldest sister). On that first Sunday, good Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise, I’ll be in Atlanta to catch the tail-end of Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman’s tour celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Sweetheart of the Rodeo.

I’m looking forward to all of it but especially the concert. McGuinn and Hillman are in their seventies. Though both still tour a good bit on their own, they don’t get together all that often. Any time might be the last time. My bucket list is pretty short (limited to my living heroes: them, Mary Weiss, a truly reunited Go-Go’s and Al Green’s church…that’s about it). Knocking off even one of them is a big deal.

The plan originally involved catching the show at the Ryman in Nashville (see nephew above) on the 8th. Then Durham on the 15th became a possibility (see brother above). In the end, between work schedules (my nephew’s and mine), my brother’s travel plans (he and his wife took a New England cruise for his 75th birthday), and being priced out of various venues (the Ryman went from $35 to $400 while I was trying to get my act together–eventually came down but it was too late by then), Atlanta became the only option. Looks like a great venue and the ticket was $50 so it all worked out.

I say all that by way of explaining why I may be away from the blog for long stretches between now and the end of the month. If I can get to the blog and have a chance to post from the road I will…and I plan to post on a regular basis between now and Sunday, time and energy permitting.

But, in any case, I don’t want you to think I won’t be thinking of you! Because without all who visit, comment, suggest and make me smile, I’d be diminished more than I can say:


  1. Have a wonderful time and many unexpected pleasures along the way!
    Thank you for introducing me to only the second song I ever heard by Cilla Black. I know of her only for singing a ballad on the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies, The Taramind Seed. I thought at the time she reminded me of Shirley Bassey.

    • Great film! One of Julie’s most overlooked roles. I once accidentally found out that John Barry’s movie music goes extremely well with New Mexico’s beautiful Sandia Mountains late at night. (I found my way home eventually. Sometimes, however, it’s exciting to get lost, particularly in the company of some uplifting music.)

  2. abqchris: beautiful scenery and the romantic music of John Barry? All you need is the girl. Or some Tequila. Or just the stars. Glad you made it out to tell the tale!

    john: I’m a sucker for a great film score and even if I didn’t enjoy the sensual tension and back and forth between Sharif and Julie, John Barry would get me there with his evocative theme.

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