The best part of the best story from later years was recounted by Greil Marcus, and I quoted it at length here.

Buddy said all the rest, right there at the beginning. Peggy Sue’s future husband J.I. Allison assisted with a roll across the drum kit. As miracles of ease and intensity go, it’s never been matched, before or since.

Who could add to that? Who would want to?


1 thought on “THE PAST SLIPS FURTHER AWAY (Peggy Sue Gerron, R.I.P.)

  1. I don’t know if anyone has posted… don’t know if anyone else knows… but I have to report that my dearest, best friend… my brother from another mother John W. Ross has passed away. I don’t know any details yet. He had a lot of health problems last year as you all know… got through that and was doing better. You just never know when it will be time. I feel that literally a half of me has gone… and the better half by far. I take solace that we’ll be together again when we cross over to the other side. John… my brother… rest in peace… I know you will. We’ll see you again one day. Love you!

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