HOW SHE WAS MADE (Found in the Connection: Rattling Loose End #142)

The most interesting part of this hour long interview Hayley Mills gave last year to Leonard Maltin and his daughter is the part where she reveals, off-handedly,  that she had already dreamed herself into being on her father’s farm before the lightning strikes of Tiger Bay and Pollyanna made her a star in England, then the world–and how lightly it’s glossed over.

But for the rest, there’s her encounters with the Beatles, Judy Garland, Walt Disney, et al. Most of that’s at the beginning, but do stay for the end, where she recounts her experience–as the most human-sized movie icon–of attending the 75th Anniversary Oscars, where all living recipients in the acting categories were honored, after her parents had kept her away from the ceremony where she would have received her special Oscar for Pollyanna when she was twelve.

By then, you might have almost forgotten that her honest-to-God date with George Harrison (for a special showing of Charade) was arranged by her mom.

When she was seventeen.

I guess that’s what you call a trade-off!

(Update: I originally had the age of the Beatle date as sixteen because I misread her birth date on Wikipedia..Thanks to Neal U. for the sharp eye!)

12 thoughts on “HOW SHE WAS MADE (Found in the Connection: Rattling Loose End #142)

  1. Yay Hayley! *This* was my Disney girl of choice when I was a kid, in all deference to Annette and the others. She had more than one tie with the Beatles: The Family Way was scored by George Martin and Paul McCartney. It was also incidentally the film in which Hayley rebelled a bit against her folks by showing her bottom. Imagine the relative innocence of that versus the kiddie-stars-turned-sluts we have now.

    Pollyanna and the (real) Parent Trap are well known, but also recommended is The Moon-Spinners, just for the corny but Hitchcock-like ’60s fun of it.

    • The day I can’t get an Amen on Hayley is the day I give up the ghost! That will mean Civilization really has fallen.

      And I love The Moon-Spinners. Just watched it again this week in fact (for, I dunno, the twentieth time)….and getting in the mood for The Family Way.

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