…For if/when I get around to articulating my theories of the Rough Beast (as it applies to both History and the Present) and the Grand Bargain (as it applies to the Frozen Silence, circa 1980–2016.

Since Donald Trump started running for President–and especially since he was elected–there has been a steady stream of mostly unsourced (i.e., anonymously sourced) anecdotes about his behavior. Among what must, by now, be more than a thousand such, the only one that rang true for me was this one (which I swear I read around the time Steve Bannon–aka Trump’s Brain–was excommunicated, and have not been able to find since).

Bannon and Ivanka Trump were in a meeting with the President, with perhaps one or two others present. As the discussion (on whatever topic) became heated, Bannon called Ivanka some obscene name (along the lines of “stupid fucking cunt”–as I say, I can’t find the source so that might be a paraphrase, but, in any case, it was somewhere out past Samantha Bee).

Trump reportedly turned to his daughter, shrugged, and said:

“Tough business honey.”

And that was that.

Two months later, Trump’s Brain was out on his ear.

Given that the few anecdotes which are properly sourced (like tapes that include Trump’s voice) have indicated the private Trump speaks and acts very much in accord with the public Trump–and that Trump has made a lot of hay with his supporters by emphasizing this fact–I recommend taking those few sourced clues as wheat and regarding the rest as chaff. It serves the purpose of distraction even if, by some long chance, it’s not the design.

Few as they are, these clues are more than we usually get, with any President.

I find the noise regarding Trump’s thus far systematic dismantling of the Grand Bargain that reigned during the Frozen Silence from 980 to 2016 a little bit….odd. The more he does what so many said they wanted done (including several Presidents of both parties), the louder the opposition gets.

Which must be because. re Trade and Immigration, War and Peace, (i.e., the Things that Matter) he’s doing most of what he said he would do. The people who voted for him are happy. The people who didn’t vote for him are unhappy. He’s like every other President then–only more so. And that “more so” is what makes life, circa 2017-18 and counting, exhilarating, frightening, or interesting, depending not so much on where you stand now, as where you stood while the Grand Bargain was in operation–and whether you thought it was working for you.

I’ll save explaining the Grand Bargain for later. (God, I might have to explain the Third and Fourth turnings of the Empire before that…and the First and Second Turnings before that–hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew.)

And the Rough Beast for later still.

Meanwhile, just remember:

Tough business honey.

Oh, and this is still Trump’s closing theme at every rally. Are we getting it yet?


5 thoughts on “YOU’LL WANT TO REMEMBER THIS….(Current Events)

  1. Oh, Jonno, I never cease to be amused (yet never amazed) by his choice of sign-off song. If nothing else, Trump has made me enjoy the passing parade more than anyone remotely connected to politics ever could.

    • Ain’t it something? I’m constantly amazed that his enemies (I don’t think “opponent” is a strong enough word) don’t seem to get the value of having a sense of humor….It’s almost like they don’t have one themselves!

      And if he had kicked sand in MY face for 39 straight months, I’d take a chance on trying something new. Instead they keep doubling down…and losing again. They could start by picking some Rolling Stones material for THEIR rallies….But you know they won’t!

  2. The sense of humorlessness of it all is what is slowly goading me (I daren’t say “inspiring me”) to get on with my writing. I can’t believe how barren we are of objective satire (in mainstream)!
    Maybe you can point me to some sources? Ha! Can’t believe how funny THAT word has become.
    I mean, where’s Andy Rooney when we need him?!

    • Maybe try Mark Steyn. I wouldn’t call him objective (though, as an actual conservative, he’s not shy about skewering mainstream Repubs as well as Dems). But with Christopher Hitchens dead, he’s the only mainstream pundit who could make a living with his writing skills alone (everybody else is a front for some sugar daddy perspective or other…bare literacy is all that’s required for that). If you put his name in a search engine his site should come right up. If not, let me know and I’ll provide a link.

      I only wish there were others offering similar skill from other perspectives.

      If there are, I haven’t found them.

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