DEFINITIONS! (Adventures in Language: Tenth Journey)

Part of the fun of blogging is playing around with language–have an adventure so to speak–up to and including applying my own (purely in fun!) definition to common words.

This little list is in response to a comment from Neal U a post or two back…but it’s also something I’ve been thinking about for a while: When Do I Owe My Readers an Explanation?

Answer: Some times.

I’ll probably be doing this, then…..some times. Now seems as good a place to start as any:

Modern(ism)–Let’s break the rules. All the rules.

Post-Modern(ism)–Let’s examine, and perhaps apply, the proper context for breaking the rules. Before lunch, if possible.

Post-Post-Modern(ism)–Rules? What rules?


Civilization–Resistance to all of the above.

Feel free to print these out folks. They may come in handy for future reference. (Especially if I can remember them all–it’s not easy speaking in tongues.)

Ask Stevie…

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