My hot streak continues. The blog posted total count and daily averageĀ  records (by comfortable margins) for views (second month in a row) and visitors (third month in a row) in August. It was also a record-extending eighth consecutive month of growth.

God bless us every one and all that….


9 thoughts on “GOOD TIMES…

    • Hey thanks Chris!

      I started the blog in 2012—hardly mentioned politics until Trump began running 2015. (So it wasn’t in the original plan!). I grew steadily for five years, until the summer of 2017. At that point Google changed their search engine parameters, which seemed to affect a lot of blogs across the board. Also I started to get hacked a lot. The numbers stabilized when I purchased the firewall that gave everybody fits for a month or so last spring! For whatever reason, people can find me again when they’re looking for someone else and, presumably, some of them become regulars. (I know enough about blogging to know only a tiny fraction of even regular readers ever comment.)

      But as far as I can track my numbers, the pop culture stuff drives the traffic!

      That’s as it should be. The only way to attract and keep a political audience is to stoke angry passions and pick a side. If I ever find a side I agree with more than half the time, I might consider it.

      But I don’t think it will be happening any time soon!


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