GO-GO’S ON BROADWAY (Found in the Connection: Rattling Loose End #136)

Here’s some footage of Opening Night on Broadway for Head Over Heels, which has been gestating Off-Broadway for a few years (it features their music, not their life story). The band showed up, sans Gina (who was having surgery), for an encore.

I’m happy for any attention they get. There can never be too much. Also, Kathy is back in the fold, for now. Which means, my age-old dream of seeing them live might not be dead after all.

Still, even allowing for the usual crappy sound you get with audience videos, one thing remains true from the first lick: Musically speaking, the Go-Go’s should never, ever play a gig without Gina.

But the Go-Go’s were always more than music and, if you stick with it, something else becomes apparent: Belinda and Jane are home.

And it’s not like they ever had a problem connecting to an audience.

C’est la vie!

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