…It’s getting better!

As I’ve mentioned before: My traffic took a real hit beginning last July. I assumed it was caused by Google changing their search algorithm as I noted several other bloggers reporting a similar drop (about 20-30%) around the same time.

My numbers started crawling back at the first of the year but really took off when I finally scratched together the money to clean up the site for existing malware, build a firewall against future intrusions and obtain an SSL certificate. May and June were big improvements. July has been record-breaking (smashed the record for Visitors I set last month and,barring some unforeseen freeze, will surpass my year-and-a-half old record for Views by the end of the day).

I’ve also pulled ahead of the pace for my record year in both views and visitors (2016) and have seen the traffic grow for a record seven months in a row.

And, as I periodically do, I’d like to send a big thanks, and a song dedication, to everyone who visits, comments, links and otherwise makes the blog worth doing. Which, if you’re reading this, is you….

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