So no new Maxims or anything….But the David Thomson Infinity Proof Error Log is always gaining fresh entries. From his review of the new, Keira Knightley version of Anna Karenina (The New Republic, November 19, 2012):

“Actual age is not as important [to playing Anna] as the level of palpable experience. Garbo and Leigh were both childless when they did their Anna, but they had a weight of experience that was just beginning to edge their famous beauty with foreboding.”

Vivien Leigh, of course, had a teen-age daughter when she played Anna in 1948–had in fact departed from her real-life husband and child in a manner that was more than a little similar to Anna’s fictional experience.

Of course she did. Of course she had.

That’s why it’s called the David Thomson Infinity Proof Error Log.

Because, in a career of published writing that runs well north of ten thousand evidently unedited pages it can strike at any moment.

And it goes on forever.


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