AT LAST…NO REALLY! (Occasional Sports Moment #34)

Coming into this season, between them, the FSU baseball and softball teams had made thirty-one appearances (22 for the men, 9 for the women) in the College World Series and the Women’s College World Series. The women’s softball team had won two national championships in the early eighties when the sport was slow-pitch and not sanctioned by the NCAA but neither team had won the big one–a record of futility that stretched back to the sixties and has been carried like a lead weight by both programs for decades, felt to the present day by players whose parents weren’t born when “next year” first became a rallying cry.

Until now.

Monday and Tuesday night, the women lifted the curse:

I missed it all of course. No TV this year….maybe that’s all they needed!

But I still feel it. And I’d feel it even if they hadn’t done what most of us always suspected it would take–one comeback after another, staving off elimination six times, and becoming the first team to win the WCWS after losing on the first day:


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