Here’s a quote from an opinion piece provided by one of the major news outlets today (doesn’t matter which one…or even that it’s from today):

There is nothing more dangerous to the welfare of our republic than operatives from our three-letter agencies taking sides for ideological or personal reasons and then using the vast resources at their disposal to damage and delegitimize those they oppose.

We’ll be making progress when opinion makers at major mews outlets learn to cut that sentence off after “agencies.”

Meanwhile the Fun Fact of the Week:

I tried to tickle a few funny bones and chill a few spines by pointing out the savvy ways Donald Trump used (or, if you like, misused) the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” as his campaign rally theme (and I left off after the election, but he didn’t–he still does rallies and still closes with “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”–and it’s still hilarious and still chilling).

Now it comes out that the operation the FBI (with possible assistance from the CIA and/or the DNC and/or British and/or Russian Intelligence and/or Sir Mick Jagger) ran on the /Trump Campaign was called Crossfire Hurricane.

Of course it was.

And right wing radio used “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” for bumper music all day today.

Of course they did.

This makes it convenient for those of us trying to spot theme songs for the future but aren’t sure whether Team Trump (who seem to hold the high cards this week) or Team Mueller (who may still have an ace or two hidden up a Brooks’ Brothers sleeve) will emerge victorious before the leaves turn this fall.

At least now we know what the loser–who will now lose everything–will be singing:

I still say Mick and Keith will play Trump’s Second Inaugural. But the set list does keep changing…


  1. Love reading your posts on current events. So funny, that theme song. I hope more people than it appears are tired of being played, but it seems a vicious circle kind of game. Perhaps more of us should want to take a time out to question who stacks the decks, provides the room, popcorn and beer—and locks the door on us from the outside.

    • So someone’s listening to me! (lol)

      Seriously, I have to do these little posts to keep my teeth from grinding….following a broad swath of Twitter as I do (where everyone who agrees is 100% right and everyone who doesn’t is 100% blocked!) just leaves me in a state of despair for the human condition!

      I am kinda’ worried that everything now reminds me of a Rolling Stones song, though…I’m fine with it personally, but it’s not a good sign for the world.

  2. [I am kinda’ worried that everything now reminds me of a Rolling Stones song, though…I’m fine with it personally, but it’s not a good sign for the world.]

    LOL! It depends on if it’s “Start Me Up” or “Paint it Black”. Or any number of their tunes that I never even heard of (not just the Stones but so many other tunes and tune-makers).
    Thanks to your blog, I not only hear them I get to thinking about them as background music for our schizo epoch. Then they seem so much more…significant (?)…than they could have possibly been on initial release.

  3. I kind of wish something WOULD remind me of “Start Me Up”….Except that, whenever I think of “Start Me Up,” I inevitably think of the song that followed it on the Tattoo You album (and on a mix tape I listened to for years) which begins, “In the sweet old country where I come from/Nobody ever works/Yeah nothing ever gets done” and goes downhill from there.

    But I might just hang on to “background music for our schizo epoch” and spring it back on you when you least expect it!

  4. Ha! I have to admit I didn’t hear the album, just the single and it was the only Stones song that I loved (or even liked) at that point. I was too young and green for them, and my dad had all the big Beatles albums…

  5. Hey….I always have a difficult time finding the reply box…any advice?…. Meanwhile I just wrote a piece about The Shangri La’s!…….I set up a link to round place a n the middle and recommended that my readers take a visit to your site and learn much more about The Shangri La’s… AND MUCH MORE!…..You ma want to consider moving your last Shangri La’s piece to a more prominent position! Hope it drives Tons of traffic to your site! I know lots of my regulars will love it!
    Let me know if you see a bump in traffic

    “you get the picture” ?

    • Hi Rick…not sure what to tell you about the reply issue. The site has had some malware issues (including yesterday!) which I’ve recently paid GoDaddy to get on top of….hoping that will resolve the issue because I don’t know what to do otherwise!

      Thanks for pointing me to your Shangs piece….Definitely a new perspective. Never knew there was a divide on their respective records. Sounds like a “young and male in the sixties” thing (lol)…I might have gone on a similar journey even later….except, by the time I came along in the 70s, I had to develop a hard shell just to defend ANY sixties music (except the Beatles, of course). I’m probably lucky the Shangri-Las never came up. By then, nobody had even heard of the Lovin’ Spoonful. Any disdain to the Shangs would have severely tested the vow of non-violence I took (to God) when I was nine. Maybe I was born at the right time after all!

  6. Mmm…I kinda think it’s very nearly as dangerous—and possibly even more so—when the media goes along with those three letter agency shenanigans, either willingly or foolishly. (Although after the first half dozen times of being foolish, I start to think it has to be at least semi-deliberate.)

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