SLOUCHING TOWARD BETHLEHEM (Late Night Dedication…Special Mid-Afternoon Edition)

At last, someone has captured a perfect example of what people mean when they insist Beltway apparatchiks live “in a bubble.”

The woman in the video below is Caren Z. Turner (not that she’d ever let you forget it). Turner  “resigned last week as a commissioner from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey after an investigation was opened into what agency officials would only describe as profoundly disturbing conduct.”

She was also on the board of an ethics commission.

Of course she was…

Turner, 60, a Democratic lobbyist who served as the ethics chair of the powerful bi-state agency, could not be reached for comment Tuesday and the phone number of her Washington public affairs office has been disconnected. No one came to her front door when a reporter knocked on Tuesday.

Tenafly Police Chief Robert Chamberlain said he would let the video speak for itself. The Port Authority, asked for comment, also referred back to the video.

What strikes me is her utter calm and confidence that she will make the officers pay for their insolence in treating her as they would any other citizen.

Depending on who wins a few elections here and there in the near future–how soon we become a one party state and which party it is–I wouldn’t bet against her being right in the long run.

But, for now, she’s worthy of a rare triple dedication…From the Tenafly PD, of course….

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